May and June’s All Ears ūüôā



I’ve returned to see Alan and Helen at Allenheads Contemporary Arts and also to install one of the Sifting Defunct Modernity polygons that I completed last year. Alan asked if I would install the piece as part of their Beyond¬†programme – engaging with the community observatory and questions of scientific reason – that runs until the end of July. This follows the open door residency that I started earlier in the year (see below). There will be work by other artists from the residency in the¬†exhibition space, which sits within an old mill building in the village. The exhibition itself is part of the wider cultural programme for the Great Exhibition of the North. I also left Alan with some of my recent collagraph prints including Cosmic Latte and versions printed onto cardboard that work well in conjunction with the spacial object.


Cosmic Latte 1/2 1418

In responding to the themes discussed at the Allenheads Contemporary Arts Open Door residency I have produced an initial run of collagraph prints. At some point, the interesting fact emerged that if you combined all the light wavelengths in the Universe the resultant colour could be described as ‘cosmic latte’ (roughly the colour in the centre of the print). I have brought this observation together with¬†another well regarded theory¬†(J-P Luminet¬†et al.¬†2003¬†Nature¬†425¬†593) that states that the shape of the Universe is a dodecahedron, one of the Platonic solids. Hence the coffee coloured developmental net of the twelve sided polygon.