Monthly Archives: February 2014


The Object – new edition from the Whitechapel Gallery’s Documents of Contemporary Art has just arrived! It looks as though there are some really interesting essays to get stuck into, can’t wait to make a bit of time to read. Although after the third NLab workshop of the week last night there hasn’t been a lot of spare time!


Pleased to have made it through the selection process and here we have the six artists; Chris (performance poet), Molly (painter and writer), LeeSun (singer/ songwriter), Charlie (dancer and graphic artist), Me, Scott (digital artist) together with Nicki (documenting) and Steph (facilitating). It’s going to be an intense time until the end of April and has already started with a series of workshops on theatre in unsual places, movement, storytelling and visual art. Next week we get to start the challenging and exciting process of bringing forth a collaborative artwork/ event – Yikes!



Around 20 of us from a wide range of disciplines gathered together for a day of fun and games. Steph and Emma from WYTN were running the days event with the aim of selecting 5 or 6 people who will work together over the next couple of months to create a new work. I wasn’t invited for my performative skills in case you thought I had hidden talents! but I have been interested for some time in collaborating with live art practitioners to see how this might extend the scope or narrative of the work that I produce. Fingers crossed