Monthly Archives: March 2014


I brought two of the recent threads together by creating forms from the hand made paper sheets, draped over masks. I like the way the pulp slumps and collapses before drying into a parchment like material. It seems most appropriate for the subject matter of alter ego – there’s a kind of fragility to the skin like texture suggesting at the fragile nature of personality/ identity and the changes that people deal with in their lives. I’ve produced half a dozen and the slightly different thicknesses of the pulp sheet and the way that they are draped means that each one behaves quite differently. Could these be a range of alter ego’s in various states of strength?

2014-03-03 13.36.351

An NLab excercise in ad-hoc poetry. Words written down by me in associative response to word suggestions from Chris and then arranged by Molly. It’s interesting but i’m not sure its going to get us to the new collaborative artwork…
or maybe it is.