Monthly Archives: April 2014

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The collaboration reached its conclusion yesterday at the Nexus Lab event at The Tetley. Last minute panic as ever, as we put the show together on Saturday night and Sunday morning. ‘Alter ego’ explored the nature of collaboration. ‘Six very different people were brought into the NLab to journey together through collaboration. The only requirement being to conclude the work with a presentation to the public seven weeks later. The event consisted of moving image work, soundscapes, objects and participatory performance that explored our/your alternative personalities within the collaborative space.’

The collaboration with five others, with entirely different personalities, motivations, experience and interests has been a bumpy one and i’m sure WYTN (who have secured Arts Council funding to run more NLabs) will have learnt alot regarding the overall process. In the end though the work managed to combine dance, video, spoken word, sound, sculpture, image creation, interaction, participation and installation in a well considered and pretty successful whole. I now need to lie down in a darkened room… and will at some point put a number of images together for my website.