Monthly Archives: June 2014


Been keeping myself occupied by building structures. I think my mind has returned to ‘models’ following recent enquiries into architectural theory/ issues and a revisit to the work of Marjetica Potrc. I’m hoping to meet Teresa Stopanni (prof and head of School of Architecture at Leeds Met) following her talk on ‘The Architectural Model’ at Henry Moore Institute recently (the notes on which i’ve badgered her for!). Their end of year show was impressive.

Teresa’s talk was part of a series that were organised to run alongside the Ian Kiaer exhibition in the main galleries. It’s been an inspirational show for me personally and given me plenty to reflect on in my own practice. This line of enquiry all prompted by the recent news that i’ve been awarded a WRoCAH  (White Rose Universities) studentship for a practice based Fine Art PhD at the University of Leeds. Really pleased and looking forward to getting stuck in this Autumn.


Bqua_C0IYAAOvHg     7-Tooth-House-ceiling
he Tooth House 2014, Ian Kiaer                               The Tooth House 2014, Ian Kiaer
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds                                      Henry Moore Institute, Leeds