David Toop and Rie Nakajima

IMG_0489     IMG_0498

IMG_0507     IMG_0510

Musician and writer David Toop and sound artist Rie Nakajima brought a group of musicians and dancers together to create a work among the tyres of Allan Kaprow’s Yard at The Calder in Wakefield. Over a couple of hours Nakajima (whose sound making materials can be seen in the image bottom left) and Toop created an evolving soundscape that also incorporated the vocal talents of Elaine Mitchener (top left), Pia Palme (a Vienna-based composer and improvisor – seen bottom right playing the contra-bass recorder!), Dam Van Huynh (dancer and choreographer) and a number of other musicians. The whole piece worked superbly well as musicians and dancers moved among the tyres and the audience creating an engaging and mesmerising sound/ visual artwork. I had heard some of Toop’s work before and enjoy his take on experimental and improvised music but Nakajima’s soundscapes created using small battery operated vibrating machines, beads and bowls was fascinating. This was also interesting as an example of the ways in which sound and performance can be incorporated into the architectonic.




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