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Completing the geodesic structure during Divine Exchange CC has lead to a continued interest in geometric solids and polygons. I’ve been making opened out developments of these solids in various materials. The one above is a development of an icosahedron, which has been modified in such a way that when flat the entire global landmass can be mapped on its surface. This particular form was created by Robert Buckminster Fuller as the Dymaxion Map. He envisaged it as a way to help alter the established perspective on the world and illustrate the way in which all the continents are connected.

272     dymaxion-map-large1

IMG_0324     IMG_0328 - Version 2

IMG_0297 - Version 2     IMG_0301

I’ve wanted to get back in touch with technologies of making. One aspect of Indian culture that I particularly enjoyed, was the prevalence of handmade objects in clay for everyday use in the home. You also pass a lot of brick kilns and brick works on the trains, baking what are essentially handmade forms. These impressions, together with my current interests in notions of labour and craft, led me to consider setting up another backyard tool – this time a kiln.

The first firing has gone well. I wanted to complete the process in one go and this lead me to consider setting up a sawdust/ charcoal firing that would reach pretty high temperatures. I also took one object out of the kiln early, wrapped it in green leaves and baked it in cow dung – another particular obsession since returning from the sub-continent.