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IMG_3036 - Version 2



This short residency at Fuse Art Space has allowed me to further develop my ideas concerning these architectonic forms. The latest iteration of the dome utilises redundant book covers held with wire twists and draws together thoughts about architecture as closed off space, denying or resisting access. These sit in contrast to the earlier experiments which embodied the idea of architecture as shelter and escape. I aim to continue this line of enquiry with temporary structures that emphasise their contingency.


Re-employing the hard back covers of redundant and unwanted books, that by Friday will hopefully be transformed….

IMG_0298     IMG_0297

Today has been the start of a short residency at Fuse Art Space in Bradford, this is the first in a series of short residencies by artists responding to issues relating to climate change. Sarah and James have created this series called 23:57 to coincide with the run up the COP21 climate summit in Paris. I am starting the week by re-assembling Techno Utopia, as a reflection on migration, shelter and resource use.