‘Activism may be the first new artform of the Twenty First century’ – Peter Weibel
Global Activism: Art and Conflict in the Twenty First century, (Cambridge MA; MIT Press, 2015) 

Following the completion of my PhD and graduation in July 2018, I have been undertaking a series of printing projects alongside the monthly All Ears events. I have also become more closely involved with climate change activism. Much of the art work that I have undertaken in the last eight years has been concerned with exploring the intellectual, emotional and cultural impacts of the increasingly unstable climate and weather conditions. I have tried to join a conversation regarding futures that are worth working towards and creating work that points toward new beginnings. Perhaps inevitably this had lead to me becoming more directly involved with the movement to radically re-think the priorities for government and society at large. I first became aware of Extinction Rebellion in November 2018 when the the group occupied five bridges in London. Since then I have attended the Spring up-rising in Bristol in March, the Spring rebellion in London in April (a particularly significant action for me personally) and the Victoria Bridge occupation in Leeds in July. Extinction Rebellion.

Victoria Bridge, Leeds July 2019

Spring Rebellion, London April 2019

Spring up-rising, Bristol March 2019

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