Starting in January 2018 I will be using the blog to document the interests, ideas and development of my art practice following the successful completion of my practice based PhD research.

Between October 2014 and December 2017 this blog allowed me to document and reflect upon the development of my art practice during the period of my PhD research. My doctoral research will explore the blurred boundaries, contested spaces and disputed definitions of the functional and non-functional art object, which are being negotiated by contemporary sculpture. This question needs to be evaluated in the context of, to use Hal Foster’s words, a society enamoured with ‘total design’. Meanwhile post-relational art practices have expanded the remit of socially engaged praxis, raising vital questions regarding the role of the artist as interventionist.  I intend to exploit the critical distance permitted within my art practice to address the question of ‘use value’.

2017 – PhD in Fine Art at the University of Leeds.
Recipient of a WRoCAH Studentship.
2013 – MFA, University of Leeds, Leeds.
1983 – BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design, Leeds Polytechnic, Leeds.

2017 – Sifting Defunct Modernity, Project Space, University of Leeds.
2016 – de-,dis-,ex-. Bloc Projects Art Space, Sheffield.
2015 – 23:57, Fuse Art Space, Bradford.
2015 – Anticipatory Objects, University of leeds.
2014 – ASMbly Lab ll, Live Art Bistro, Leeds. Curated by
2014 – Alter-Ego, The Tetley, Leeds.
2013 – Prism 15, The Old Postoffice, Sheffield.
2013 – Beyond Merely Assembling, Projects:Manchester, Manchester. Curated by Mark Devereux
2013 – ASMbly Lab, Regent Street, Leeds. Curated by
2013 – Lucky Dip, 5-7 Lifton Place, Leeds.

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